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Mark Antonacci

Mark Antonacci,


Mark is an attorney and author who has studied all aspects of the Shroud of Turin for 37 years.  He has been featured in newspapers, magazines, the internet, radio and television in the United States, Europe and South America.  He wrote The Resurrection of the Shroud (New York: M. Evans and Co., 2000), the most comprehensive book ever written on the Shroud until his landmark book, Test the Shroud, was completed in 2015.

He gave the keynote address at the last international conference held in conjunction with the Shroud’s exhibition in 2010 in which he proposed that a new series of sophisticated, minimally-invasive tests be performed on the Shroud at the atomic and molecular levels of this famous burial cloth.  He has written the leading scientific hypothesis that not only explains the Shroud’s unparalled frontal and dorsal body images, but also its controversial radiocarbon dating, its excellent condition, its pristine human blood marks, their still-red coloration, the possible outer side imaging, coin features and flower images, skeletal features and all of its other unique qualities.

This hypothesis has been published in a peer reviewed scientific journal, and although it involves a miraculous event consistent with the resurrection, its occurrence can be scientifically tested.  He asserts that these proposed tests could prove whether the Shroud was irradiated with particle radiation; whether the source was the length, width and depth of the crucified corpse in the cloth; when this event happened; where it occurred; the age of the Shroud and its blood; and the identity of the victim.  He asserts this technology could also test all other natural or artistic explanations for the Shroud’s images or its radiocarbon dating.


Arthur C. Lind Ph.D.

Arthur C. Lind Ph.D.,

Research Director


Physicist Arthur C. Lind is one of the world’s leading scientists on the Shroud of Turin. His most significant work underscores the connection between nuclear science and the Shroud of Turin. Holding a variety of positions as a senior scientist, manager and research director during four decades at McDonnell Douglas Aerospace and the Boeing Company, he worked on many of the nation’s top-secret defense programs. He has received numerous honors and awards throughout his distinguished career and published scores of papers in peer reviewed scientific journals. As the foundation’s long time Research Director he has concentrated on the radiocarbon dating of the Shroud and the cause of its images.

Research Director

Robert A. Rucker


Nuclear Engineer


After graduating in 1971 from the University of Michigan with BS and MS degrees in nuclear engineering, he completed a one year course in Biblical studies at the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago in 1975. He worked at General Atomics in San Diego for 24 years doing core nuclear design on advanced nuclear reactors, and worked for about 12 years at various Department of Energy (DOE) and Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) sites doing criticality safety calculations and documentation for nuclear fuel processing and handling. He has been studying the Shroud of Turin full time for about three years including application of nuclear analysis computer calculations to solve the carbon dating problem for the Shroud. He reported his results at the Shroud Conference in St. Louis in October of 2014.

Nuclear Engineer

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